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Join an award-winning published author for a new live virtual creative writing class each week!


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Weekly Creative Writing (Teen)


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  • 7-day free trial-- which means your first class is totally free!
  • Weekly live classes taught by an award-winning published author (with video replays if you can't make it live!)
  • Feedback and support in the teen corner of our members-only Community of Writers.
  • Discounts and early access to more advanced and in-depth writing courses.
  • A place to grow as a writer and creative!
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Weekly Creative Writing for Teens! 


I'm Jackson Pearce, award-winning author of 16 books for teens and kids-- like the SISTERS RED series, the PIP BARTLETT series, and the ELLIE ENGINEER series. They're published in 23 languages all around the world.

I'm also a teacher! I've taught over 10,000 kids creative writing.

I'm always looking for ways to reach more kids to help them grow as writers and storytellers. These weekly classes will do just that!

Each week in our live Zoom class, I'll do a deep dive into a specific element of creative writing-- like creating realistic dialogue, amping up our description, writing in a certain genre, or world building. I'll then leave students with a prompt based on that week's lesson.

Students are then set loose to write on their own and, when they've finished, are invited to share their work in the teen corner of our members-only Community of Writers for quick feedback from the teacher.

This is the writing class I wish I'd had as a teen writer-- a class that encourages teens to enjoy writing, but also a class that challenges them to grow as authors.

Plus, there's a 7-day free trial-- which means your first class is totally free! 

Check out what other parents and their teens are saying!

"This class is amazing for adding to your homeschooling ELA! Here is what my teen (15) has to say about this class. "I’m enjoying the class! It’s a really welcoming environment and the prompts are really good and push me out of my comfort zone when it comes to writing and give me ideas for writing outside of the class."

Patricia B.

"Great class! My daughter enjoys the weekly writing and discussions. The class is fun and educational, allowing her to write a short story every week. Prompts for the stories are also an excellent way for her to explore new ways to tell a story."

Wim K.

"This was an incredible class! My teen made the most amazing stories and had a blast each time! I totally recommend it for anyone with a young person who is creative and wants to flex their writing skills. Jackson Pearce is funny, intelligent, and teaches young people to stretch their imaginations and use critical thinking skills."

River B.



I'm the author of sixteen books for kids— like the Ellie, Engineer series, the Pip Bartlett series, and the Doublecross series. I’m also a teacher! I’ve taught over 10,000 kids online, and another few thousand in person at schools, libraries, camps, and seminars across the world.

Some of those kids are avid and enthusiastic writers, but many of them are reluctant writers, or even self-proclaimed writing-haters. Their adults sign them up for my classes, often with some variation on the following request: Make my kid love writing.

To which I respond: Absolutely. We can do this.