The Love Writing Journals

  • Over 100 writing activities guaranteed to make your kid laugh-- even if they claim to hate writing!
  • Writing and story structure presented in a gentle, stress-free way.
  • Ways to turn writing time into¬†family game night!

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Kid Version: Kittycorn Cover


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Grown Up Version

With tips, tricks, and strategies for parents/caregivers-- get this with the Kid Version to write alongside your kids!

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Kid Version: Dinosaur Cover

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I'm the¬†author of a whole mess of books for kids‚ÄĒ like the¬†Ellie, Engineer¬†series, the¬†Pip Bartlett¬†series, and the¬†Doublecross¬†series. I‚Äôm also a teacher! I‚Äôve taught over¬†7000 kids online, and another few thousand in person at schools, libraries, camps, and seminars across the world.

Some of those kids are avid and enthusiastic writers, but many of them are reluctant writers, or even self-proclaimed writing-haters. Their adults sign them up for my classes, often with some variation on the following request: Make my kid love writing.

To which I respond: Absolutely. We can do this.

Jenny K.

"...Jackson is enthusiastic, organized, and helps children find their voice."


Jen T.

"After taking this class, my 8-year-old son BEGGED me to take it again (and any other class with Jackson Pearce). He was even willing to take a 7am offering from her! I love hearing her teach the class-- she is so engaged and my son has learned so much."

Kimberly W.

"Wonderful and engaging teacher who celebrates each child for exactly who they are. We will be signing up for more classes 100%!"