Every kid's brain is absolutely chock full of amazing stories.


Writing ability is not an inherent gift a kid simply does or does not have. 


By approaching writing as a form of play-- where mistakes are just as fun as successes-- we can make every kid love writing.



I'm the¬†author of a whole mess of books for kids‚ÄĒ like the¬†Ellie, Engineer¬†series, the¬†Pip Bartlett¬†series, and the¬†Doublecross¬†series. I‚Äôm also a teacher! I‚Äôve taught over¬†7,000¬†kids online, and another few thousand in person at schools, libraries, camps, and seminars across the world.



I always knew I'd become a writer-- I was the kid who loved telling stories, entertaining others, and experimenting with just how many talking animals I could fit into a single tale.

So, after graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in English, I sold my first few children's' books and became a full time author! The job involved lots of school visits; combined with coaching a sport at a local school, I suddenly realized that I loved teaching just as much as writing.

I began offering creative writing and reading classes online, and after a few years, realized parents were always reaching out with the same concerns: My kid hates writing. There are tears. Doors are slammed. Papers are crumpled. Help, please.

Slowly but surely, I developed writing strategies to help even the most reluctant of kids love writing-- strategies that also served to calm the anxieties of perfectionists and spur the creativity of avid writers.

Want to make your kid love writing? Let me help.


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Jenny K.

"...Jackson is enthusiastic, organized, and helps children find their voice."


Jen T.

After taking this class, my 8-year-old son BEGGED me to take it again (and any other class with Jackson Pearce). He was even willing to take a 7am offering from her! I love hearing her teach the class-- she is so engaged and my son has learned so much.

Kimberly W.

Wonderful and engaging teacher who celebrates each child for exactly who they are. We will be signing up for more classes 100%!