Raising A Writer:

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Become your child's favorite language arts teacher!

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Writing is both an essential and rewarding skill.


I've taught over 10,000 kids to not just write, but to love writing. Parents, I can teach you those same proven techniques, strategies, games, activities, and tips to get your kid writing, no matter where you're starting from.

Here's what you'll get:

  1. Six Engaging Video Modules: These easy-to-follow modules are packed with my tried, tested, and true strategies for teaching writing-- and I promise, they're doable for any parent!
  2. Interactive Games and Activities: I'll walk you through the games and activities I've designed to spark your child's imagination and get them excited about writing-- I've even included a bonus video module of one for you and your kid to play together!
  3. Printable Guides and Summaries: These handy resources reinforce learning and provide quick, at-a-glance reminders of my approach when teaching writing.
  4. Curated Resource and Book Recommendations: Expand your child's writing journey with carefully selected resources and book suggestions that will further ignite their passion for writing.
  5. A Kid Who Loves to Write!: The ultimate goal. Watch as your child becomes an confident, enthusiastic writer who embraces writing as a form of self-expression and creativity.

You can become your child's favorite language arts teacher! The journey to a lifetime of writing starts here.

Let's get writing!

I helped these kids love writing.

Learn the same techniques to help your kid!

"[My daughter] gained a lot of confidence in her writing skills, and what's especially amazing - she developed real interest in writing. She's genuinely looking forward to each next class and even writes stories on her own in one of the writing prompts journals I got her."

Marina Y.

My son absolutely loved this class and writing little stories. He also improved his writing in school. Jackson Pearce is such an amazing and fun teacher.


"My daughter is dyslexic and working on her writing skills. She found this class to be a lot of fun! Which is exactly what we wanted because sometimes writing can be tough for her. This class challenged her, tapped into her creativity, and built her confidence as a writer. She absolutely loves the teacher and asked to take more of Jackson Pearce's classes."

Jaime S.

Raising Writers: Parent Masterclass

A class for parents, teaching you how to teach your kid.

Stop searching and spending on different ELA curriculums-- because your approach is more important than anything when it comes to your kid's relationship to writing.

I've taught hundreds of parents to:

  • Calm the anxieties of both reluctant writers and perfectionists-- or avoid them entirely!
  • Make writing a game full of laughter, creativity, and joy.
  • How to kindly, gently handle the "brick wall treatment" if your kid is a reluctant writer.
  • Turn writing into a family activity!
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I'm the author of sixteen books for kids— like the Ellie, Engineer series, the Pip Bartlett series, and the Doublecross series. I’m also a teacher! I’ve taught over 10,000 kids online, and another few thousand in person at schools, libraries, camps, and seminars across the world.

Some of those kids are avid and enthusiastic writers, but many of them are reluctant writers, or even self-proclaimed writing-haters. Their adults sign them up for my classes, often with some variation on the following request: Make my kid love writing.

To which I respond: Absolutely. We can do this.